Size: SS9 ~ 2.5 – 2.6mm approx
Colour: Light Colorado Topaz
Quantity: Pack of 100 rhinestone Glue-ones crystals approx.

Price ~ as low as only 0.059 cents (cheapest price in Australia) ~ 90% off retail prices.

Swarovski rhinestone Glue-ones, Glue-one applicator, jewelery & beading supplies online.

Since 1895 Swarovski has offered sheer brilliance, perfection and unmatched craftsmanship. Swarovski flatbacks and Glue-ones (2028) are use worldwide by the top fashion designer to add
the elegance, style and class. These wonderfully shapes, shimmering crystals will sparkle and add glitter to your items – mobile, sunglasses, shoes, dresses. Everyone loves
these lovely Swarovski Elements rhinestones as they add a big impact with so little effort.

To apply, simply use a Bejeweler Down Under Glue-on Applicator, (availble in store) this tool is fanstastic as it will apply constant heat to the base of the rhinestone Glue-on which has platinum glue foiling and simply transfer the Swarovski Rhinestone to your favourite item. Press it slightly and it is done.

100 Light Colorado Topaz Rhinestone Glue-on Crystals (SS9) 2 100 Light Colorado Topaz Rhinestone Glue-on Crystals (SS9) 3


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