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Assorted Fancy Beads

10 Flat Round Printed Shell Beads

Diameter: 20mm
Hole: 2mm
Qty: 10 Beads
Core: Flat Shell Beads
Colour: Different Colours (As shown in the pic)

A great selection of printed shell beads - all the beads comes with a hole for easy use and ideal for making necklaces, funky earrings and as buttons for any of your jewellery and craft projects....

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10 Slide Charms various sizes, shapes and colours

Size: Different sizes between 6mm to 18mm
Hole: Between 6mm to 9mm
Qty: 10 Slide Charms Core: Metal
Colour: Different Colours Enamel

Great choices when it comes to variety with this pack of slide charm beads, you get randomly different sizes, shapes and colours. Great for making necklaces, earrings and any other jewellery projects you might have....

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20 Purple (Dark Orchid) Fancy Glass Beads - (10mm)

Length: 10mm
Width: 10mm
Hole: 2mm
Colour: Multicoloured (Dark Orchid mostly) with purple fancy work
Quantity: 20 Beads in a pack
Style: Round Fancy Acrylic
Impressive and consistant work on each bead give it an impression of high quality work. Light weight and suitable to make any jewellery....

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20 Yellow Drawbench Fancy Glass Beads (10mm)

Untitled Document Length: 10mm
Width: 10mm
Hole: 1.8mm
Colour: Yellow with Gold fancy work
Quantity: 20 Beads in a pack
Core: Glass
Style: Round Fancy ...

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