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10 Multi Coloured & Design Fimo Bead - (12mm)


Length: 12mm
Width: 6mm
Hole: 2mm
Colour: Multi Coloured and Patterned (as shown in the pic)
Quantity: 10 beads in a pack
Core: Non Toxic Fimo Polymer Clay
Style: Rectangle cylinder shape



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Multi Colour Floral Fimo Polymer Clay Pendant - (45mm)

Untitled Document

Length: 45mm
Thickness: 4mm
Quantity: 1 Pendant
Hole: 1.2mm
Colour: Multi Coloured Flowers as shown in the pic
Core: Polymer Clay with studded rhinestones

These polymer pendants have studded rhinestones in them.


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Multi Colour Tube Shape Fimo Polymer Clay Beads - (34mmx10mm)

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Length: 34mm
Width: 10mm
Hole: 2mm
Quantity: Sold as a single bead
Core: Fimo Polymer Clay
Style: Round

Fimo polymer clay is a great medium for making jewellery, sculptures, trinkets, ornaments, paper weights and all sorts of items. Polymer clay is rated as a nontoxic material. Studies by Duke University and have confirmed that there is no toxicity concerns with polymer clay, even if it is eaten but still not recommended to be consumed. Polymer clay is lightweight, vibrant colours and a new jewellery must have in your collection these days. If you are looking for some beautiful, lively, vivid colours and unusual polymer clay bead well look no further. You will sure be able to find what you are looking for in this new collection of our polymer clay beads.


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Polymer Clay Thin Flat Cabochon Decoration Fruit Mix - 4mm~5mm

Length: 4mm to 5mm
Thickness: 0.5mm
Quantity: One Whole box 12 different fruit mix - 120 tiny cabochons approx (As shown below)
Core: Hard polymer clay

These tiny polymer clay cabochons are ideal to fill in the clear miniature glass bottle to be used as a pendant. They can also be used for nail decorations or you can pretty much stick it to any surface.

This is what you will get in your order one wheel box of these tiny cabochons.


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