Welcome to the exotic world of finest online beads in Australia. For nearly 20 years we have been providing the finest online glass beads, Swarovski crystal, Acrylic, Wooden, metal beads and fashion beads

Browse our selection of the best online beads available in Australia – we are probably the oldest remaining online store opened in the last century (1998) which still exists and serving the beading enthusiasts, jewellery makers and anyone with a passion for beads. What makes us still in the business and adapting to the growing need of beading hobbyists and jewellery makers is our adaptability and the ability to present you the best from around the world as the most affordable prices.

Best Seller beads from our collections

Melworks Online Beads - Australia

We stock over 7000 different types of beads, jewelry making supplies such as tools and findings and some of the best sellers over the years have been listed below

  1.  Metal beads – with over 270 different types of metal, aluminum, gold dusted, antique and corrugated beads to choose from, we do have a large collection.
  2. Swarovski Crystal Beads are always an all-time best seller due to their top quality that has not been matched by any other maker of crystals and glass beads.
  3. Some of the best sellers in the designer beads and handmade beads are Lampwork beads and Kashmiri beads
  4. We stock some of the best quality sterling silver beads and findings which are imported directly from Bali, Indonesia and represents the finest artistic work on a 92.5 % sterling silver.
  5. Another favorite category which boasts a few best sellers is the gemstone beads category with a collection of impressive gemstones – please do check this category out.
  6. Glass beads category is very vast and we have broken it up into smaller categories to manage it better but to see a collection of all glass beads, sit down in front of your computer as browsing this category will take some time due to the sheer number of different beads to go through.
  7. Wooden beads offer a lightweight & cheap alternative for the beading enthusiasts and are a favorite with teachers and mum for creating children’s jewelry and teaching kids about basic beading.

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