Beaded Spiders

A beaded spider DIY will make a scary preposition for halloween.


Normally when you post about DIY or jewellery projects, you think of the traditional jewellery like bracelet, beaded earrings or other jewellery items. The normal stuff with heap of wonderful beading tutorials – right. But from time to time you’ll come across unique & fun items which have been created painstakingly, bead by bead, but the end results is something amazing.

I saw these beaded spiders and thought I have to share this with my readers 🙂

Now this is something I cannot wear unless I am going to a halloween party  but you can make this item as a decoration item or during school holidays to involve the kids and keep them busy for a while. The end result is a beautiful spider which kind look spooky but harmless and looks good no matter where in the room you put it.

The full tutorial can be found here

We should have all the beads & the tools in the shop but if there is something missing message me as I have heaps of beads & beading tools which I have not uploaded yet to the bead shop

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