White Bugle Seed Beads Size 2

Length: 6mm
Diameter: 1.8-2mm
Quantity: 10 grams in a bag (Approximately over 500 beads)
Hole: 0.6mm
Colour: Opaque White(As shown in the pic)
Core: Glass Rod/Tube

High-quality white seed bugle beads in size 2, ideal for loom & off-loom bead weaving.
These bugles beads can also be used for stringing as spacers between larger beads, in fiber crafts (embellishments), crochet on a full jewellery piece made up entirely of seed beads on flexible nylon, or stretchable wire.

Quick to loom and easy to string or sew, these seed beads provide you with an extensive alternative to conventional seed bead sizes. You’ll love how easy these beads are to work with. Their size is ideal for craft projects, cloth embellishment, and fun jewelry creations. These beads can also be combined with other styled seed beads to add visual interest and depth to your projects. Mix and match for exciting results!

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